Sr.No Subject Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
1. Seminar on Records Retention: Legal Provisions and Document Management Solutions 7th December, 2018 Records Retention under Varies Laws CA Amlesh Gupta Download
Document Tagging in Accounting CA Anand Paurana Download
2. ITC SC on How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Accounting and Auditing 23rd November, 2018 How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Accounting and Auditing Mr. Malvik Majithia Download
3. Webinar on "E-Assessment-Procedures, Requirements & Way ahead" 3rd November, 2018 E-Assessment-Procedures, Requirements & Way ahead CA Avinash Rawani Download
4. Half Day Seminar on Blog Writing 31st August, 2018 Linkedln : Best Practices CA Jatin Lodaya Download
Blog Writing Payal Shah Karwa Download
5. Student Orientation Program 8th March, 2018 1. Basics of Income Tax TDS/TCS and Returns
2. Basics of Income Tax And Practical Aspects
1. CA Rakesh Vora
2. CA Kalpesh Katira
9th March, 2018 1. Basics of GST And Returns and Forms
2. Office Etiquettes
1. CA Hemang Shah
2. CA Jatin Lodaya
10th March, 2018 1. Basics Of Company Audit, Documentation And Practcal Aspects 1. CA Mamta Sheth Download
6. SAS Meeting 9th February, 2018 Stress Management Dr. Jankhana Hakani Download
7. SAS Meeting 15th January, 2018 Lost Ancient Secrets of being healthy Dr. Pankaj Naram Download
8. Impact of technology on audit function : BlockChain and Data Analytics 5th January, 2018 Data Analytics Technology for Fraud Detection:
1. Abundance of data is an opportunity to create valuable information
2. Real world case studies using seamless application of analytical processes to detect weakness of internal control systems which permit frauds
3. Practical tips on building a process for data analytics
Mr. Jairam Rajshekhar Download
9. Full day Seminar on Demonetization Issues, Capital Gain, Benami Property & Penalty u/s 270 A (Jointly with Tax Practitioner Association, Indore) 16th December, 2017 Demonetization Issues- Assessment
( Sec 68 & 69 Issues )
CA Mahendra Sanghvi Download
Capital Gain- Immovable Property
( Sec 45,43CA, 50C 50D etc.)
Mr Vipul Joshi, Advocate Download
Benami Property- Over View & Issues PMLA CA Jagdish Punjabi
CA Paresh Shah
Penalty u/s 270A under IT Act CA Bhadresh Doshi Download
10. Half day Seminar at Pune on Analysis of the Judgment of Honourable Delhi High Court on Implementation of Income Computation Disclosure Standards(ICDS) 10th December, 2017 Analysis of Delhi High Court decision on constitutional validity of ICDS CA Abhitan Mehta Download
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